*NEW* $2,475,000 SUBMARINE CAR In GTA 5! (DLC)

21 feb 2021
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  • I love the videos you make your my favorite youtuer!!

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  • Submarine cars are not real

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  • play with caylus or tomo they are ytbers & they are playing GTA

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  • What is that cars name

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  • I feel like he sometimes ruins the cars with the lime green

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  • I sprad my hair green vor you

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  • Just so you know That car came out months ago

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  • Severus Snape is still alive.

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  • I have em modded f1's and Benny's

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  • Stromberg is still better becuase it was based off of the spy who loved me (the Villans name was Stromberg) which is a great movie instaed of this car

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  • Iluvyvidees

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  • Iluvyvidees

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  • Is a good car

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  • Its more than 2.5 mill

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  • The car kind looks like the DMC Delorean ngl

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  • Why its in gta 5 its from back to the future

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  • thats aligator car jelly

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  • this car has been in the game for 2 months

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  • Why doesn't Josh or crainer have a video on this yet.. :

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  • i have this car to jelly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Submarine car: comes out Jelly Half a year later *NEW* car came to gta 5 online

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  • It works/look like a james bond car !!

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  • What a epic video!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • hi jelly im a BIG FAN i love you're videos you're so funny i have some ideas for videos.

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  • Just saying this car have been out for sol long

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  • When you boosted it up it it almost looked like a plane because the fins in back

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  • JG Tyler

  • It’s A DeLorean

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  • nice car jelly

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  • I think it of as fin macmissle from cars 2

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  • When your not a car guy and dont know what nitro/nos is

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  • Jelly do you know PrestonDo you want to give you the sword to try it and he he’s gonna give you no he’s gonna not give you he’s gonna try it the money is 1 million trillion dollars

  • I have that

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  • I actually for once think crainer won

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